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RPM of Distribution M&L Doors 2

[BIEN - Basic Income Earth Network]
apache-1.3.4-1.i386 Leading World Wide Web server Doors 2
apache-devel-1.3.4-1.i386 Header files from apache for developing/compiling 3rd party modules Doors 2
cmu-snmp-3.6-2.i386 CMU SNMP agent Doors 2
cmu-snmp-devel-3.6-2.i386 CMU SNMP development libs and headers Doors 2
cmu-snmp-utils-3.6-2.i386 CMU SNMP utilities Doors 2
doors-release-2.0.0-1.noarch Mega & Loman Doors Linux release file Doors 2
gd-1.3-5.i386 A graphics library for drawing .gif files. Doors 2
gd-devel-1.3-5.i386 The development libraries and header files for gd. Doors 2
ipmasqadm-0.4.1-3.i386 ipmasqadm utility Doors 2
mailx-8.1.1-6.i386 /bin/mail - the "traditional" way to mail via shell scripts, etc Doors 2
mason-0.12.0-2.i386 Interactively creates a Linux packet filtering firewall. Doors 2
multimedia-2.1-15.i386 A CD player and audio mixer for X11 Doors 2
pam-0.66-7.i386 A security tool which provides authentication for applications. Doors 2
pam-0.66-2.i386 Pluggable Authentication Modules: modular, incremental authentication Doors 2
pciutils-1.10-1.i386 This is an experimental version of the Linux PCI Utilities package. Doors 2
procinfo-16-2.i386 A tool for gathering and displaying system information. Doors 2
pythonlib-1.22-3.noarch library of python code used by various Red Hat programs Doors 2
quota-1.66-6.i386 System administration tools for monitoring users' disk usage. Doors 2
qweb-1.3-3.i386 a world wide web browser Doors 2
SoundStudio-0.9.1-2.i386 tk sound editor, with record, playback, and mixer facilities Doors 2
sysklogd-1.3.31-3.i386 Linux system and kernel logger Doors 2
tya-1.2-2.i386 TYA is a 100% unofficial JIT-compiler for Java. Doors 2
util-linux-2.9-12.i386 A collection of basic system utilities. Doors 2
util-linux-2.9-10.i386 Collection of basic system utilities for Linux Doors 2
vlock-1.3-2.i386 locks one or more virtual consoles Doors 2
web-bench-1.0-1.i386 WWW server benchmark Doors 2
xlockmore-4.12-2.i386 X terminal locking program with many screensavers Doors 2
xlockmore-4.11-3.i386 X terminal locking program with many screensavers Doors 2

[Feywa - Resource Allocation Tool]

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