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procps-X11-2.0.6-12 RPM for i686

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From Doors 2.4 / jr

Name: procps-X11 Distribution: M&L Doors 2.4
Version: 2.0.6 Vendor: Mega & Loman (
Release: 12 Build date : Tue Jul 18 15:16:44 2000
Group: Applications/System Build host:
Size: 213 Source RPM: procps-2.0.6-12.src.rpm
Packager: Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
Summary: An X based system message monitoring utility.
The procps-X11 package contains the XConsole shell script, a
backwards-compatibility wrapper for the xconsole program. The xconsole
program displays system messages which are usually sent to






* Mon Jul 03 2000 Preston Brown <pbrown(at)>
  - larger buffers for reading /proc/stat
* Tue Jun 13 2000 Preston Brown <pbrown(at)>
  - FHS paths
* Tue May 30 2000 Preston Brown <pbrown(at)>
  - add smp, signal name patches from VA Linux.  Thanks guys.
* Mon May 22 2000 Harald Hoyer <harald(at)>
  - added sysctl.conf (5) man page
* Wed May 10 2000 Bill Nottingham <notting(at)>
  - fix PAGE_SIZE mismatch on ia64
* Sun May 07 2000 Bill Nottingham <notting(at)>
  - rebuild with different optimizations for ia64
* Fri Mar 24 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <bero(at)>
  - rebuild with current ncurses
* Tue Mar 07 2000 Bill Nottingham <notting(at)>
  - fix end-of-file behavior in sysctl
* Mon Feb 07 2000 Preston Brown <pbrown(at)>
  - wmconfig -> desktop
* Mon Feb 07 2000 Jakub Jelinek <jakub(at)>
  - don't try to load (and spit error messages if it does not
    exist) if ps or top are not going to use it, both to speed things up
    and remove the ugly messages when they don't make sense.
  - in top, print the possible error messages using standard top SHOWMESSAGE
    (because it will be now printed out when already in terminal mode).
* Thu Feb 03 2000 Matt Wilson <msw(at)>
  - added patch to prevent divide by zero on UltraSparc
  - gzip man pages



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