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mod_ssl-2.8.3_1.3.19-1 RPM for i586

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From Doors 3.0

Name: mod_ssl Distribution: M&L Doors 3.0
Version: 2.8.3_1.3.19 Vendor: Ralf S. Engelschall <rse(at)>
Release: 1 Build date : Fri May 25 13:20:37 2001
Group: System Environment/Daemons Build host:
Size: 445946 Source RPM: mod_ssl-2.8.3_1.3.19-1.src.rpm
Packager: Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
Summary: An SSL module for the Apache Web server.
The mod_ssl project provides strong cryptography for the Apache 1.3 webserver
via the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1)
protocols by the help of the Open Source SSL/TLS toolkit OpenSSL, which is
based on SSLeay from Eric A. Young and Tim J. Hudson.

The mod_ssl package was created in April 1998 by Ralf S. Engelschall and was
originally derived from software developed by Ben Laurie for use in the
Apache-SSL HTTP server project. The mod_ssl package is licensed under a
BSD-style licence, which basically means that you are free to get and use it
for commercial and non-commercial purposes.






* Fri May 25 2001 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update to 2.8.3-1.3.19
* Wed Mar 07 2001 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update to 2.8.1-1.3.19
* Mon Oct 16 2000 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update to 2.7.1-1.3.14
  - "requires" changed to "prereq"
  - "BuildPreReq mm" changed to "BuildPreReq mm-devel"
  - added requires to sxnet package too
* Tue Aug 22 2000 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update to 2.6.6-1.3.12
  - added %dir %{crtsdir} and %dir %{keysdir} to %files
  - pkg.contrib/*.sh moved from /usr/local/ssl/mod_ssl to %{_datadir}/mod_ssl
  - documentation moved from %{contentdir}/html/ssl-doc to
    %{contentdir}/html/manual/mod/other/mod_ssl and made as separate package
  - sxnet documentation moved from %{contentdir}/html/sxnet/index.html to
    %{contentdir}/html/manual/mod/other/mod_sxnet.html and made as separate
  - %config(noreplace) used for server.key and server.crt
  - do not make doc packages for i586 and i686 architectures
* Tue Jul 18 2000 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - synchronized with apache-1.3.12-2 (%{contentdir} is /var/www, ...)
  - BuildPreReq apache-devel (because of apxs)
  - more info used from apxs
* Thu Jul 06 2000 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update to 2.6.5-1.3.12
  - %{_tmppath} used
* Fri May 26 2000 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update to 2.6.4-1.3.12
  - small spec tweaking
* Thu Mar 09 2000 Michael Tokarev <mjt(at)>
  - modified .spec file to simplify installation on non-default http home dir
    (RedHat uses /home/httpd, variants are /var/httpd etc)
  - removed implicit dependance on mm library (if used as shared, it
    will be found by rpm); added it to BuildPreReq section
  - changed PreReq to BuildPreReq (so that it will not depend on apache-devel)
  - added apache-devel to BuildPreReq
  - added implicit version of required apache (maybe wrong?)
* Fri Mar 03 2000 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update to 2.6.2-1.3.12
  - %post changed so it does not include "Include conf/httpd.conf.ssl"
    into http.conf if it is alredy present (even when commented out)
* Wed Mar 01 2000 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update to 2.6.1-1.3.12
  - requires mm, requires apache-devel for building
  - 'apxs' replaced with '/usr/sbin/apxs'
  - do not automaticaly restart webserver (%post, %postun)
* Sat Feb 26 2000 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update ot 2.6.0-1.3.12
  - added URL
* Wed Feb 09 2000 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - update to 2.5.0-1.3.11
  - some little spec changes (vendor, defattr, ...)
  - mm library used
* Sat Jun 05 1999 Jean-Michel Dault <jmdault(at)>
  - moved documentation in html
  - rebuilt for the new optimized apache
* Sun May 30 1999 Jean-Michel Dault <jmdault(at)>
  - updated to 2.3.1
  - add fr locale
  - added sxnet (Secure ExtraNet) package from Thawte
* Sun May 23 1999 Bernhard Rosenkränzer <bero(at)>
  - handle RPM_OPT_FLAGS
  - add de locale
  - don't require openssl-devel



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