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Eterm-0.9.3-2 RPM for i586

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From Doors 7.0 (FC3)

Name: Eterm Distribution: Doors 7.0 (FC3)
Version: 0.9.3 Vendor: Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
Release: 2 Build date : Sat Jul 2 12:36:59 2005
Group: User Interface/X Build host:
Size: 3787935 Source RPM: Eterm-0.9.3-2.src.rpm
Packager: Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
Summary: Enlightened terminal emulator
Eterm is a color vt102 terminal emulator with enhanced graphical
capabilities.  Eterm is intended to be a replacement for xterm for
Enlightenment window manager users, but it can also be used as a
replacement for xterm by users without Enlightenment.  Eterm supports
various themes and is very configurable, in keeping with the
philosophy of Enlightenment. If you install Eterm, you'll also need to
have the Imlib2 library installed.






* Sat Jul 02 2005 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)> 0.9.3-2
  - rebuild (FC3)
* Thu Dec 16 2004 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)> 0.9.3-1
  - update to 0.9.3
  - %{?_smp_mflags} used with 'make'
* Fri Oct 10 2003 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)> 0.9.2-2
  * Thu Mar  6 2003 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)> 0.9.2-1
  - update to 0.9.2
* Tue Mar 05 2002 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - updated to 0.9.1
* Fri Apr 27 2001 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - %{_tmppath} used for BuildRoot
* Tue Feb 20 2001 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - builds on Alpha now. No need to excludearch (bug 28472)
* Wed Feb 14 2001 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - removed images which are from Digital Blasphemy from the extra
    images tarball, had to delete those images because they are not
    allowed to be redistributed on CD, or in compressed format
* Tue Jan 09 2001 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - fixed a bunch of pre and post in/uninstall brokenness by dropping
    split backgrounds package, backgrounds now included in Eterm
    proper. This also makes the spec file a lot cleaner :)
* Sat Aug 19 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - fix bug #15687
* Tue Aug 08 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - fixed bug #15687 using Hans' patch
* Wed Aug 02 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - rebuilt against libpng-1.0.8
* Mon Jul 24 2000 Prospector <prospector(at)>
  - rebuilt
* Sat Jul 22 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - fix spec file problem with configure picking up egcs and running with it,
    fixes linking bugs
* Mon Jul 10 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - rebuilt
* Fri Jun 02 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - no more wmconfig :) converted to applnk
  - fix man page location. Now FHS compliant
  - use macros wherever possible
  - removed redundant defines at the top of the spec
* Mon Apr 10 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - rebuilt for 7.0
* Thu Feb 03 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - strip debug from libraries
* Wed Feb 02 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - fixed problems when upgrading and error messages due to a faulty script in
          the post section for the Eterm package
* Tue Feb 01 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - applied patch from Hans de Goede <hans(at)> to fix some del, home
          and end issues
* Sat Jan 29 2000 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - rebuilt for 6.2 powertools
  - bzipped source to conserve space
  - using percent configure so that libtoolize is run, needed for some of the
  	newer alphas instead of ./configure --prefix=
  - stripping binaries again
* Fri Dec 10 1999 Michael Jennings <mej(at)>
  - Added Tim's spec file to CVS as for 0.9
* Wed Dec 08 1999 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - using unified patch for utempter and themes from Michael Jennings
* Tue Dec 07 1999 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - added wmconfig entry
  - split up into 2 packages, Eterm proper, and Eterm-backgrounds
  - thanks to ewt, we no longer have to make Eterm suid root, uses utempter
* Mon Dec 06 1999 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - updated to 0.8.10
  - patched so that Eterm finds pix/themes in the right place
  - new version fixes problems with utmp, conforms to Eterm docs.
  - added RedHat.Eterm_suid which includes instructions on how to run Eterm in
          order to have it seen by "w" and "who" as a regular user
* Fri Aug 20 1999 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - fixed roblem with removing all files when uninstalling Eterm.
* Tue Jul 27 1999 Tim Powers <timp(at)>
  - updated version to 0.8.9
  - cleaned up spec
  - updated patch
  - includes new backgrounds
  - built for 6.1
* Mon Apr 05 1999 Michael Maher <mike(at)>
  - update to 0.8.8
* Fri Oct 23 1998 Jeff Johnson <jbj(at)>
  - update to 0.8.7.
* Thu Oct 08 1998 Michael Maher <mike(at)>
  - built eterm



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