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tangogps-0.9.3-1.fc9 RPM for x86_64

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From Doors 13.0 (F9) x86_64

Name: tangogps Distribution: Doors 13.0 (F9)
Version: 0.9.3 Vendor: Peter Hanecak <hany(at)>
Release: 1.fc9 Build date : Fri Sep 12 21:11:18 2008
Group: Applications/Multimedia Build host: localhost.localdomain
Size: 255612 Source RPM: tangogps-0.9.3-1.fc9.src.rpm
Packager: Peter Hanecak <hany(at)>
Summary: Lightweight and fast mapping application
tangoGPS is a lightweight and fast mapping application. It runs
on handheld devices like the Openmoko Neo1973 as well as on the eeePC and
the Linux desktop. By default is uses map data from the
project and other repositories can be easily added.

Maps are automagically downloaded and cached for offline use while you drag
or zoom the map. Additionally you can conveniently pre-cache areas.

If connected to a GPS your current position and track are shown on the map
and you can log positional data for further processing, i.e. for geocoding
photos or uploading streets to Openstreetmap.

Geocoded can be shown with the correct position on the map.

A friend finder function lets you exchange your position with others.






* Fri Sep 12 2008 Peter Hanecak <hany(at)> 0.9.3-1
  - updated to 0.9.3
  - %find_lang used
* Tue Jul 29 2008 Peter Hanecak <hany(at)> 0.9.2-1
  - updated to 0.9.2
* Mon May 26 2008 Peter Hanecak <hany(at)>
  - updated to
* Wed Apr 23 2008 Peter Hanecak <hany(at)> 0.8.0-1
  - initial spec



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