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unoconv-0.3-2.fc9 RPM for noarch

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From Doors 13.0 (F9) x86_64

Name: unoconv Distribution: Doors 13.0 (F9)
Version: 0.3 Vendor: Dag Apt Repository,
Release: 2.fc9 Build date : Sun Feb 22 16:44:01 2009
Group: System Environment/Base Build host:
Size: 167139 Source RPM: unoconv-0.3-2.fc9.src.rpm
Packager: Dag Wieers <dag(at)>
Summary: Tool to convert between any document format supported by OpenOffice
unoconv converts between any document format that OpenOffice understands.
It uses OpenOffice's UNO bindings for non-interactive conversion of

Supported document formats include Open Document Format (.odf),
MS Word (.doc), MS Office Open/MS OOXML (.xml),
Portable Document Format (.pdf), HTML, XHTML, RTF, Docbook (.xml),
and more.






* Sun Feb 22 2009 Peter Hanecak <hany(at)> 0.3-2
  - used %{?dist} in release number
  - license GPLv2
* Wed Dec 19 2007 Dag Wieers <dag(at)> - 0.3-2 - 5993+/dag
  - Fixed openoffice.org2 dependency on RHEL4.
* Sat Sep 01 2007 Dag Wieers <dag(at)> - 0.3-1
  - Updated to release 0.3.
* Sun May 20 2007 Dag Wieers <dag(at)> - 0.2-1
  - Updated to release 0.2.
* Sat May 19 2007 Dag Wieers <dag(at)> - 0.1-1
  - Initial package. (using DAR)



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