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libtemplate-1.5-4.fc13 RPM for x86_64

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From Doors 17.0 (F13) x86_64

Name: libtemplate Distribution: Doors 17.0 (F13)
Version: 1.5 Vendor: Peter Hanecak <hany(at)>
Release: 4.fc13 Build date : Fri Jun 4 22:36:44 2010
Group: System Environment/Libraries Build host: dc-f13-64b
Size: 13549 Source RPM: libtemplate-1.5-4.fc13.src.rpm
Packager: Peter Hanecak <hany(at)>
Summary: An easy to use templating engine in C
Libtemplate is an easy to use C interface that will let you use templates
thus allowing you to separate your business logic from your web interface in
your CGI scripts.






* Wed Apr 04 2007 Peter Hanecak <hany(at)> 1.5-4
  - patched some memory leaks
* Sun Apr 01 2007 Peter Hanecak <hany(at)> 1.5-3
  - patch to silence some debug output
  - added %{?dist} into spec
  - little clean-up
* Sat Jun 03 2006 Peter Hanecak <hany(at)> 1.5-2
  - rebuild for Doors 9.0 (FC5)
* Thu Dec 16 2004 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)> 1.5-1
  - initial spec



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