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Mesa-3.1-1 RPM for i386

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From Doors 2.2 / jr

Name: Mesa Distribution: M&L Doors 2.2
Version: 3.1 Vendor: Brian Paul <brian_paul(at)>
Release: 1 Build date : Wed Dec 22 12:33:29 1999
Group: Development/Libraries Build host: m1
Size: 1849063 Source RPM: Mesa-3.1-1.src.rpm
Packager: Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
Summary: A 3-D graphics library with an API very similar to OpenGL.
The Mesa 3-D graphics library is a powerful and generic toolset
for creating hardware assisted computer graphics.  To the extent that Mesa
utilizes the OpenGL command syntax or state machine, it is being used with
authorization from Silicon Graphics, Inc.  However, the author (Brian Paul)
makes no claim that Mesa is in any way a compatible replacement for OpenGL
or associated with Silicon Graphics, Inc. Those who want a licensed
implementation of OpenGL should contact a licensed vendor.  However, Mesa is
very similar to OpenGL, and you might find Mesa to be a valid alternative to






* Fri Dec 17 1999 Ryan Weaver <ryanw(at)>
  - added demos/gloss.c
  - added xdemos/glxdpyinfo.c
  - added GLX_ARB_get_proc_address extension
  - several vertex array bug fixes
  - overlapping glCopyPixels with pixel zooming now works
  - glXUseXFont() bitmaps were vertically shifted by one pixel
* Mon Sep 27 1999 Ryan Weaver <ryanw(at)>
  - New:
  - optimized glAccum function
  - optimized 24bpp rendering in XMesa driver
  - GLU 1.2 polygon tessellator
  - Ongoing optimization of transformation code in Mesa and the 
    FX driver.
  - Bug Fixes:
  - glGetTexLevelParameter wasn't fully implemented
  - glXUseXFont now handles multi-byte fonts
  - glIsEnabled(GL_TEXTURE_2D / 3D) returned wrong result
  - alpha channel of blending points, lines was sometimes incorrect
  - Changes:
  - New library names:  "libGL" instead of "libMesaGL"
  - New library numbering:
  - New subdirectories:  docs/ and bin/
  - New Makefile-system (autoconf,automake,libtool)
* Tue Jun 01 1999 Ryan Weaver <ryanw(at)>
  - Forgot to include some header files. :(
* Thu May 27 1999 Ryan Weaver <ryanw(at)>
  - New:
  - multi-textured points and lines (mjk(at)
  - optimized 24bpp X rendering (bernd.paysan(at)
  - added allegro support (bernie-t(at)
  - cleaned-up Windows-related stuff (Ted Jump)
  - minor stereo changes (KendallB(at)
  - new BeOS driver which implements BGLView class
  - new Direct3D driver (see src/D3D)
  - more efficient filled gluCylinder() function
  - utilities:  util/showbuffer.[ch] and util/glstate.[ch]
  - fixed some IRIX compiler warnings
  - added support for building Mesa in XFree86 with
      SGI's GLX (kevin(at)
  - Bug fixes:
  - a variety of Windows/Mesa bug fixes (mjk(at)
  - packed pixel images weren't unpacked correctly
  - patches some win32 files in GLUT (mjk(at)
  - glTexImage[123]D() didn't accept internalFormat == GL_COLOR_INDEX
  - fixed lighting bug in Keith's new shading code
  - fixed texture segfault seen in Lament screensaver
  - fixed miscellaneous low-memory bugs
  - glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT) with RGBA or CI masking was broken
  - GL_LINEAR sampling of 3D textures was broken
  - fixed SVR4 'cc' compiler macro problem (dawes(at)
  - added GL_TEXTURE_PRIORITY fix (keithh(at)
  - fixed wide point and wide line conformance bugs (brianp)
  - Changes:
  - some device driver changes (see src/dd.h)
  - new copyright on core Mesa code
* Thu Feb 04 1999 Ryan Weaver <ryanw(at)>
  - Attempt to make packages relocatable.
* Wed Dec 16 1998 Ryan Weaver <ryanw(at)>
  - Updated Specfile to conform to Red Hat Contrib|Net.
* Tue Dec 15 1998 Ryan Weaver <ryanw(at)>
  - Split Packages.
  - Added stuff from rawhide Mesa-3.0 spec file.



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