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sysklogd-1.3.31-3 RPM for i386

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From Doors 2

Name: sysklogd Distribution: M&L Doors 2
Version: 1.3.31 Vendor: Mega & Loman (
Release: 3 Build date : Fri Mar 12 01:26:42 1999
Group: Daemons Build host: m1
Size: 134881 Source RPM: sysklogd-1.3.31-3.src.rpm
Packager: Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
Summary: Linux system and kernel logger
This is the Linux system and kernel logging program. It is run
as a daemon (background process) to log messages to different
places. These are usually things like sendmail logs, security
logs, and errors from other daemons.






* Thu Mar 11 1999 Peter Hanecak <hanecak(at)>
  - changes to allow non-root users to build package too
* Wed Mar 03 1999 Arne Coucheron <arneco(at)>
  - added some patches from the RH made rpm
* Tue Jan 26 1999 Arne Coucheron <arneco(at)>
* Fri Oct 23 1998 Arne Coucheron <arneco(at)>
* Fri Oct 16 1998 Arne Coucheron <arneco(at)>
  - using %defattr
  - added language translations
  - added patch to correct version number
  - some cosmetic changes in the spec file
* Sun May 03 1998 Arne Coucheron <arneco(at)>
  - changed package version to 1.3.26 instead of 1.3-26
  - removed some older changelogs
  - added a serial tag



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