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[BIEN - Basic Income Earth Network]

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BladeEnc-0.94.2-9_stable.fc23.x86_64 Free cross-platform MP3 encoder Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
crimson-fields-0.5.3-2.fc23.x86_64 A hex-based tactical war game Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
doors-release-27.0-1.fc23.noarch Doors Linux release files Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
gottengeography-1.0.0-2.g702a2d5.fc23.noarch High quality and easy to use photo geotagging application Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
gps3d-1.20-10.fc23.x86_64 Utilities to manipulate a handled GPS and visualize the result in 3D Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
jigl-2.0.1-3.fc23.noarch Jason's Image Gallery Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
libmnogosearch-3.3.15-1.fc23.x86_64 Libraries for mnogosearch Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
libmnogosearch-devel-3.3.15-1.fc23.x86_64 Development headers and libraries for mnogosearch Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
libtemplate-1.5-4.fc23.x86_64 An easy to use templating engine in C Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
libtemplate-devel-1.5-4.fc23.x86_64 Development libraries and header files for libtemplate Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
micropolis-4.0-11.fc23.x86_64 City simulation based on Maxis SimCity Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
mnogosearch-3.3.15-1.fc23.x86_64 Another one web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
ploticus-2.42-1.fc23.x86_64 Ploticus data display engine Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64
sendmailanalyzer-9.0-1.fc23.noarch Sendmail log analyzer with graphical reports Doors 27.0 (F23) x86_64

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