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This area contains links to every* file you can download from my Web Site.

* RPM files are not listed here as they are maintained in RPM repository.


hd2u Hany's Dos <-> Unix convertor info
squid-slovak-messages.tgz 3.67 KB error messages for squid cache in slovak language

RPM software packages are maintained in RPM repository. Also you can directly browse binary RPM directory and source RPM directory.


Crystal Song (short mix)0:587 773 B
I love IRC1:4389 443 B
Itrance2:26135 067 B
Let's Dance and Be Happy2:0912 346 B
Love Techno2:1422 365 B
Today2:1835 230 B
Virtual warior3:2343 762 B
Vivat High Tatras2:4735 197 B
Vivat High Tatras (chopok mix)2:24120 166 B


Hany Crazy script AddOn1.8 KBIRC script file
Crazy script 0.0.2deltaepsylon8 516 BIRC script file
Hany 26 949 BDuke 3D Map file
Internacionala1 323 058 BWindows .WAV file
skdisplay.xpm541 B.xpm file
Log2Html 0.123 319 BMS-DOS .EXE file
Slovakia1 398 362 BWindows .WAV file