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Summary: Squid statistic tool

Description: Prostat is a squid statistic tool.


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Archive prostat_1.3.tar.gz contains very little documentation so here's the extra short manual for how to use prostat:

  1. install prostat package
  2. make your own copy of /usr/local/prostat/prostat.conf and edit it as you want (or edit directly /usr/local/prostat/prostat.conf)
  3. run

    prostat +g<path to your prostat config file>

    (or just prostat in case you do not make copy of prostat.conf)


cat /var/log/squid/access.log.0 | prostat +g/usr/local/prostat/myconf.conf -

this produces statistic for entries in rotated log using options stored in /usr/local/prostat/myconf.conf file (option LOGFILE is ignored while prostat (in this example) is taking log data from stdin)

note: do not insert space after +g option

- use prostat and crontab to generate statistic automaticly as often as you want
- look at analhead.h in source prostat_1.3.tar.gz archive for some information about command-line options

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